How to Start a Charity Website

You might run a charity or be inspired to start a charity for a number of reasons. In addition to legal differences that set these aside from standard businesses, these organizations benefit from having a web presence. The question that comes up regularly is: how to make your own website for your charity? Back in the day when the Internet was young, one had to know how to code in order to make a good web page. This is no longer the case.

It is not even necessary to hire a professional anymore to get a site that people will be eager to contribute to the cause.

Your first step however should be to establish yourself as a charity. This means filing papers with the government as a non-profit organization. The government has the proper forms for this. The IRS will help charities fill out and file 501c3 paper work for non-profit status. Having these documents will help you get additional free services for setting up and promoting your charity website. Having these documents will also inspire trust and help you gain additional donations for your cause.

Speaking of your cause, you need to communicate with anyone who comes across your website what your goals are. If you are a charity for cancer research, or fighting hunger, or environmental issues you will need a mission statement saying what you do, how you do it, and who benefits from it. Your mission statement can be a few words or entire paragraphs. The main thing is to speak to people who are impacted by the same thing and offer them some hope. You might also wish to offer news, self help group information, and additional resources.

Some background about why this cause is important to you and images of who you are helping puts a human face on the cause.

You will find that setting up a site is simple. Research your hosting options, settle on a good domain name and register it, and then begin the process of how to build your own website. There are tools online through most major hosting services that make building the site simple. You will usually be able to find tutorials and other tools to help you design it using the templates offered.

Before buying a hosting plan, take a look at the templates, additional features, and overall prices to get the best deal for your charity site. Some professional hosts will offer discounts or free hosting plans to non-profits so make sure you ask about such policies. Oh and one final thing, make sure you have an easy donation system. This enables people to pay through a range of services to your non-profit.

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